Why this is the best time to book your tickets!

Air India Express currently offers special fares for travel between Indian cities and international destinations

Travel means something different to every single person in the world. There can be a million reasons to travel. At times it could mean a vacation with family, a trip home for the regional festivals, celebrations, a leisure trip with friends, a business meeting or a solo trip for that valuable me time. Whatever the purpose, everyone looks for one specific thing – good deals on airfares.
If you’re planning a trip in the near future, this is the best time to book your flight tickets with Air India Express. Because we are offering special fares on tickets to 18 Indian cities from select locations in the Middle East and South East Asia. Similarly, special fares apply for tickets from India to 15 international destinations. Find out which routes offer the best prices:

Abu Dhabi

If you’re looking to travel to India from Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the UAE, tickets are available at special fares to Kochi, Kozhikode Trivandrum, Kannur, Mangaluru and Trichy. We are operating 6 weekly flights to Kochi, 7 flights per week to Kozhikode, 5 flights each to Trivandrum and Kannur, 4 flights to Mangaluru and one to Trichy every week.


India-Dubai is one of the busiest routes in the Gulf sector. Air India Express flights can be booked at special fares from Dubai to Mumbai (7 flights/week), Delhi (7 flights/week), Kochi (7 flights/week), Kozhikode (13 flights/week), Mangalore (14 flights/week), Amritsar (7 flights/week), Jaipur (3 flights/week), Lucknow (7 flights/week), Trichy (10 flights/week), and Trivandrum (5 flights/week).


One of the most-visited Emirates, Sharjah is a second home to many Indian expatriates. Tickets are available on special fares from Sharjah to Kozhikode (7 flights/week), Kochi (7 flights/week), Trichy (7 flights/week), Varanasi (7 flights/week), Kannur (7 flights/week), Delhi (7 flights/week), Mumbai (6 flights/week), Trivandrum (4 flights/week), Vijayawada (2 flights/week), Chennai (2 flights/week), Chandigarh (2 flights/week) and Surat (2 flights/week).

Saudi Arabia

Keep your travel expense within budget while booking your next flight to India from Saudi Arabia. Bookings can be made on special fares for travel from Jeddah to Kozhikode (5 flights/week), Mumbai (2 flights/week), and Lucknow (2 flights/week). Attractive fares are available on tickets from Dammam to Kozhikode (5 flights/week) and Mangaluru (3 flights/week) as well as from Riyadh to Kozhikode (5 flights/week) and Kannur (2 flights/week).


Book now to avail tickets at the best prices while flying from Kuwait to Kozhikode (5 flights/week), Kannur (1 flight/week), and Mangaluru (3 flights/week), Vijayawada (2 flights/week) and Trichy (2 flights/week).


Guests can enjoy budget travel between India and Doha as special fares are available on this route. Book tickets at the best prices from Doha to Kochi (7 flights/week), Kozhikode (7 flights/week), Mumbai (3 flights/week), Kannur (5 flights/week), Trivandrum (4 flights/week), Trichy (1 flight/week) and Mangaluru (2 flights/week).


Singapore is one of the most sought-after rural destinations and accommodates a large number of Indian expatriates. From Singapore, we provide tickets on special fares for travel to Chennai (2 flights/week), Trichy (7 flights/week) & Madurai (2 flights/week).

More Destinations

Special fares are available on flights from Bahrain to Kochi (4 flights/week), Kannur (2 flights/week), Mangaluru (2 flights/week) and Kozhikode (5 flights/week). Also, guests can travel on the best fares from Muscat to Kochi (7 flights/week), Kozhikode (7 flights/week), Trivandrum (6 flights/week), Hyderabad (2 flights/week), Vijayawada (1 flight/week), Mangaluru (3 flights/week), Trichy (1 flight/week) and Bengaluru (1 flight/week). Guests may also find attractive fares from Salalah to Trivandrum, Kannur, and Kochi (1 flight each per week). Special fares are available for those who book flights from Ras Al Khaima & Al Ain to Kozhikode.

Tickets can be booked through our website www.airindiaexpress.in, city offices, and call centres (00914440013001/00914424301930)

*Special fares are subject to change

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