Why Bangalore is Every Traveller’s Favourite City In India?! Read Along To Know Why!

Bangalore is the most vibrant and Asia’s fastest growing cosmopolitan city in Karnataka. It is home for the most tech firms in India. The IT industry views Bangalore as the byte basket of India. It has got several names as Garden city, Silicon Valley. The city and its surrounding area have plenty of scenic destinations that can be explored on the weekends. It is famous for:

Cubbon Park – The huge land spaces.

Lalbagh – The Botanical garden.

Bangalore Palace – Historical place.

Brigade road – A walk down will let you know how inclusive the city is.

Call it the Silicon Valley of India or the Garden City or may be a Cosmopolitan city, for Bangalore can be anything you call it! It is also a city of paradoxes, another reason why you must see this place. The diversity, and the foreign influence, colourful history and the rich heritage have all made Bangalore a melting pot of culture. Today’s Bangalore is an interesting destination that intrigues people of all ages. You have everything from history to adventure, nightlife to book cafes, nature’s beauty to luxury malls, you name it, and you get it in Bangalore.

Every city has its unique character, call it soul if you will, and Bengaluru’s resides most definitely in its many parks and structures within them. Not for nothing is this gem in the south called the Garden City. But, Bengaluru has much more in store for its intrepid dwellers. It is a multi-cultural city permeating class, religion and language. Even though it is a cosmopolitan city, Bangalore holds on to its traditional features. There are a lot of festivals & events hosted in Bangalore like Karaga, Kadalekaye Parishe, Bangalore Habba, Lalbagh Flower Show and more.

Technology and Startup Hubs – The city has got the highest number of Engineers in India. The number of engineers are equal to the engineers in Mumbai and Delhi. Approximately 5 lakhs in Bangalore, whereas Mumbai 2.5 lakhs and Delhi 2.3 lakhs.

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