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Keeping baggage safe is a big responsibility. When a passenger’s baggage is damaged or lost, the airline tries to address the matter by rectifying it or tracking the baggage or missing item. As part of the procedure, the passenger is required to file Property Irregularity Report (PIR) and Damage and Pilferage Report (DPR) before leaving the airport.

What is a PIR?

PIR is a statement from the airline with a reference code to track the baggage and may include details of the damaged/lost bag and its contents as reported by the traveller. When travelling with an airline, it is important to file a PIR at the arrival airport, in case you notice any missing or damaged item in your baggage.

Lost Baggage

If delayed baggage could not be traced for 21 days from the date of the Property Irregularity Report, the same may be treated as lost. The compensation claim will be processed as per laid down procedures. All claims will be substantiated with an itemized list of contents, description, age together with proof of purchase/ownership of all such items.

Damaged Baggage

If the baggage is received in damaged or pilfered condition, the passenger is advised to contact Airline personnel in the arrival hall and report the same before leaving the arrival hall. The personnel will physically examine the affected baggage and assess the nature, extent and reparability of the damage.

In the course of normal handling, the luggage will acquire evidence of use/wear and tear such as minor cuts, scratches, dents or soil. The Airline shall have no liability for this type of damage, including but not limited to, broken feet/wheels or handles /straps, damage to over-packed/oversized bags, damage due to unsuitable packing, damage to pull handles/lost pull handles, items of a fragile or perishable nature and manufacturer/s defects.

Why we should not carry valuables

Passengers are advised against carrying valuables such as jewellery, encashable articles, negotiable papers and currency in their checked baggage. The airline is not liable for loss/damage to or delay in the delivery of fragile or perishable articles or items of value or importance such as money, jewellery, silverware, cameras, electronics/ video/computer or photographic equipment, negotiable papers, securities, heirlooms, antiques, artifacts, work of art, irreplaceable books or publications, manuscripts, business documents, precious metals and other similar valuables or commercial effects.

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