We are the biggest fans of our ‘Top Fans’!!!

At AIE’s Facebook page, your suggestions and encouragements never go unnoticed

Being a ‘Top Fan’ of the Facebook page of your favourite individual or an organization is not a small achievement. A top fan is a person who takes time off his/her busy schedules to appreciate or review the work of another person or a group of persons. Only a handful of people care to do that.

For an organization like the Air India Express, whose everyday affairs are intrinsically linked to the general public, receiving feedbacks from existing or prospective customers are extremely important.

At AIE’s Facebook page, your suggestions and encouragements never go unnoticed. To ensure continuous interaction with our followers, AIE had launched a four-week-long ‘Top Fan Contest’ from 9th December 2019 to 2nd January 2020. Each week, two top fans were selected who were featured on our Facebook page and presented with exciting Gift Hampers.

The winners were picked by our social media team and were requested to get in touch with us through FB inbox or through mail ID socialmedia@airindiaexpress.in .

Aren’t you convinced yet? We are your biggest ‘Top Fans’. Follow Air India Express on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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