A word, just before you take off!

Imagine you managed to find your seat and is settling down in the flight. Just as you have relaxed on the seat… thud! You are hit on the head. Someone is walking past you in the aisle, with a bag tagged behind, like a reluctant child on the first day to school. Ever been in that situation? Or worse, have you ever done that to anyone else?

Well, this is where you should know some basic tips about flight etiquette. Yes, there is such a thing and some are about how to move along the aisle. They say we should carry our bag in front of us and low to the ground as we walk down the aisle looking for our seats. Sounds logical, isn’t it? It is way better than hitting three others before you reach your seat and settle down.
And once you are at your seat, please do not assume that the entire overhead luggage space belongs to you. There are others too in the flight, who would like to use the facility. It is better to carry smaller hand luggage, but that is not always possible. So what we can do is not hogging the available luggage space by not placing the bag horizontally. You can seek assistant of flight attendants; you need not feel embarrassed about it. Or fellow passengers too. Also, you can help others in fitting their luggage. After all, you are travelling with them for some time together. This could be a nice beginning.

These luggage compartments have another use too if you have not noticed it yet. You can hold on to them while walking along the aisle. That is better than grabbing someone else’s seat back, especially when it is occupied.

Now that you have found your seat, just be aware of your seat positioning before you recline and settle down for the journey ahead. There will be people sitting behind you, whose laptops or even coffee cups could be upset if you are a bit careless about the reclining position of your seat.
And if you happen to be on the middle seat in a row, congratulations! You have the right to both armrests. Those on your sides can use either aisle side armrest or window-side armrest, as the case may be. You, in the meantime, can stretch out.

Now that you have settled down, look around. Smile. But be respectful about personal spaces. Some might not like being engaged in a conversation during flight. Let them be. The flight experience will be better for both of you that way.

This is when the flight crew come with a safety demonstration. Please know that this is part of their official duty and very important for you to be reminded what is where. Oh yes, you know it all already, but no harm in being reminded. Because if the situation arises, you will be thankful for having reminded you.

The flight is all set to take off now. Check once again and make sure your belongings are kept close to yourself. Or else you will find your bag or jacket spilled over to the feet of the person sitting next to you. And trust us, a neck pillow is far more comfortable to snooze than your neighbour’s shoulder. It might be romantic with someone you know, but definitely not with a stranger.

Etiquettes are for grownups. Kids do not wait for that. So if they are travelling with you, please keep a close eye on them. They can wipe off smile from the faces of fellow passengers.
Finally, when it is time to get off the plane, just take it slow and gracefully. The crew will ensure that everyone on board will be disembarked. So you need not worry or hurry. Wait for your turn, let those nearest the exit disembark the plane first.

Air India Express is one carrier, where we make sure our passengers leave us with a smile. So we take extra care on airplane etiquettes, yes, we do. Together, we can make Air India Express flying experience, the best in the class.

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