Valentine’s Day Contest – Happy To Receive Umpteen Numbers of Entries!


It has only been some days since we started a Valentine’s Day contest through our Facebook page, and we are getting showered by umpteen numbers of entries from all over the world. Well, for a low-cost carrier like Air India Express, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Here are some of the entries we received as comments and messages.

Oh my sweet heart on one fine day when I saw you ON BOARD, I was on CLOUD nine, my heart skipped a beat and flew in AIR in EXPRESS speed and took DEPARTURE from me, I realised it has reached its DESTINATION, Felt for my love SKY is the limit” Sumathi Sivram

On the runway of my heart, amidst clouds of compassion, lets make a dream land wherein your love and happiness is my destination, on arrival of your YES lets waive off departure to loneliness, give wings to my proposal and lets take off to flight of life in the air of relationship on island of sky of trust with love on board, please my pilot and make sorrows a no show, hope its OK to board ???” Meenakshi Kapur

To pari (Fly), When i arrived and saw u i onboarded our love flight, i want to confess my love, where even sky is not a limit ,i want this journey to fly high uptil clouds and should reach its destination where we both can live together happily.

From, Aakash (sky)” Neha Chhajer

I was in CLOUD nine when I saw you ON BOARD as beautiful as an AIR-HOSTESS. From that day you CHECKED IN the AIRPORT of my heart. You are the reason of ARRIVAL of happiness and DEPARTURE of sorrow of the RUNWAY of my life. Now give me a chance as a PILOT to TAKE OFF a FLIGHT to the DESTINATION of your life” Arpan Ghosh

Take My Hand, Take My Whole Life Too, Get ON BOARD, You Just Gave WINGS to My HEART” Dinesh Jangid

Much thanks to everyone!

Send us your love note using aviation vocab and stand a chance to win prizes! Post your entries on or before the Valentine’s Day!

Leave your love note in the comments or inbox with hashtag #ExpressContest.


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