Unlocking with caution: UAE slowly opens its gates

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For long, the United Arab Emirates has been one of the prime destinations for passengers from India. People travel to the UAE for various reasons including business, job, education, and tourism. Being one of the leading carriers to the Middle East, a major proportion of Air India Express customers constitute passengers to the UAE. This makes India-UAE one of the busiest routes for us.

After the pandemic-induced restrictions, the UAE slowly opened up its borders for vaccinated travellers from countries including India. This has revived hopes for thousands of Indian expatriates trying to return to the Emirates. Easing of restrictions has also been seen as a sliver lining for the aviation industry.

Air India Express operates flights to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah. Though there have been relaxations, passengers are advised to strictly adhere to the travel requirements laid down by the authorities of the destination country. Each emirate has a different set of travel rules, though UAE has put in place some rules which apply to all the Emirates.

These rules may look confusing to a passenger. Changes in travel rules are notified through our blog (blog.airindiaexpress.in) social media platforms for the convenience of passengers.

Travel rules and requirements to the UAE can be accessed through our blog

[In the wake of COVID-19, travel regulations and requirements are changing across countries on short notice. Please refer to the websites of the respective governments/authorities of your destination country for the latest travel updates.]

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