Travel South… with the Sun!

It’s raining colours in Tamil Nadu these days. The month of Aadi is about festivals and colours. According to Tamil calendar, from mid-July to mid-August is the Aadi month.

Traditionally, it is considered to be inauspicious for ceremonies like marriage, but of late, this season has attained another significance. Due to the sharp fall in business, most of the shops put on discount sales. Also, important festivals across Tamil Nadu happen now.

Coming to think of it, there is every valid reason for flying down to Tamil Nadu between July and August. And so, Air India Express is there for you. Its fleet connect the world to every important point in the State.

Any doubt? Come on, check this out. Air India Express operates seven flights in a week to Singapore and two in a week to Thiruvananthapuram from Chennai. But during the Aadi month, Chennai is not the happening place – Trichy, Madurai and Coimbatore are.

That’s why Air India Express has seven services each in a week to Dubai, Sharjah and Singapore from Trichy; four in a week to New Delhi and seven in a week to Singapore from Madurai and three each in a week to New Delhi and Singapore from Coimbatore. You may also check out the special baggage rates that Air India Express offers in our website, because you will need them when you fly back from Tamil Nadu.

Traditional wisdom says that the Sun starts its southward journey in this month. If the Sun travels south, why can’t we too follow the line? Because South is all abloom with colours now and make the most of it. Pick up your shopping bags and set out. We will manage the travel part.

See you in Tamil Nadu then. Vanakkam!

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