These Pictures taken from Flight Windows Will Make You Want to Book A Window Seat Next Time! And Now You Can Book The Seat Of Your Choice!

Air India Express has introduced a Seat Selection Facility in which you can select the seat of your choice. Who doesn’t need a little more extra legroom, a beautiful window seat. Some of you may want to sit together as a group, either way, you can reserve the Air India Express seat that’s most suitable for you in advance.

While window seats offer great views and a cozy resting spot against the cabin wall, sitting in the aisle allows you to conveniently stand, stretch, or go to the restroom without bothering your fellow seatmates. Be it a window seat or aisle seat, we recommend advance seat selection on Air India Express flights as soon as possible as your seat of choice may not be available closer to departure of your flight.

Visit our website to book the seat of your choice. Find out Air India Express seat selection fees and simply choose your seat online during the booking process. You can also book your seat up to 12 hours before departure through Manage My Booking option. We have got you an alternative choice as well. is that you can contact our city office or our 24 x 7 contact center.

Here are some breathtaking pictures that will make you want to book the seat of your choice:

Image credits: Tom Anderson

Image credits: Florian Seiffert

Image credits: Kyle Mijlof

Image credits: Tom Anderson

Image credits: Mark Hersch

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