Splash it up! Its Holi!

If you are in northern parts of India at this time of the year, be prepared to be assaulted with love and colours. Because its Holi, the festival of colours.
On these days, people come out to the streets, dance to the music of love and splash colours, thus wiping off differences. The festival symbolises union of minds and spirit. It is also victory of good over evil.

Holi is about stories, just as it is about colours. It has many legends like that of Lord Krishna and his gopis or that of Prahlad, the prince of demon king Hiranyakasyap or that of Kamadev, lord of love, among others tagged to it. But the spirit remains the same.

Soaked in colours, glittering in the bonfires as we gulp down bhang, Holi becomes an experience that one can never forget. The warm ides of March comes alive during this festival.

Air India Express joins the nation as the festival of colours checks in. We have added colours to the aviation sector and shall keep doing so.
Happy Holi India!

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