The Brightest Smile on May Sky

The last day of May in 2019 was hot as ever. Summer burnt at its peak. But Air India Express was on Cloud Nine. Literally. Laurels are not anything new for Air India Express, India’s first international budget airline. But on May 31, it scaled new heights of glory by recording cent percent load factor on its international flights to Indian destinations. Every Air India Express flight that flew to the Indian skies on that day were full. Not even a single seat was vacant. Every one of them sold. Our flights were full of smiling passengers, happy to land in different airports of India.

A dream target that every flight operator keeps right in front of them, on the board ahead. A reality for Air India Express. Wait, before dismissing this as a freak one-off incident, there is something more. Even while flying through the scorching summer skies, Air India Express knew this was coming. Because it had 99 per cent load factor on six days of the month of May. Six days! A double jackpot! What else could any airline wish for… especially during this highly competitive skies, already crowded with premium airlines. Through these rush hours, Air India Express cruised to glory, gracefully.

It has been taking 4.3 million passengers every year between 140 city pairs, operating 649 flights per week to 33 destinations. Glory sits lightly on the wings of Air India Express. It has been serving smiles aboard all its flights and May has seen one of the brightest smile on Air India Express since its launch in 2005.

We realise, this is not all. We have a whole new sky to fly across. Now that we have upped our level of performance, Air India Express is aiming for greater heights. As we do so, Air India Express realise that our esteemed passengers and their loyal support made it possible. We bow before their decision to make Air India Express their airline of choice.

Come, let’s fly together! There is much more to share! A lot more.

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