The Brightest Smile Ever Seen

That was definitely not a request we get every day. Trust us, we do get all sorts of requests from our passengers and we do try to make almost everything under our control possible so that our passengers leave the airport with a smile.

But on that day, we had a tough customer to please. We were informed about this passenger flying from Kozhikode to Doha in August. Obviously, te request was for special treatment for this passenger and accompanying mother. We would not have left any stone unturned to ensure this, but just not sure how to do it. Because this special passenger was just six months old.

A concerned uncle of the passenger had contacted us sometime in July end, asking whether the kid and mother (his sister) can get all assistance at the airport. Both the kid and mother were flying for the first time, and they were on their own.

The ground handling crew of Air India Express was geared up to welcome the special passenger at Kozhikode. There was a slight delay in the flight taking off due to rough climate and all the while, the little passenger was taken care of.

Our help desk had asked the uncle to let his sister know about her situation at the airport counter so that arrangements could be made onboard the flight too. And it was done too.

The reward for the efforts came when he wrote back to say that the crew on board Air India Express was “awesome” and “really helpful”. But the punchline was the one with which he ended the mail. “The baby is smiling even after his first flight.”

We could not have asked for anything more. On that day, we all smiled, because before us was the brightest smile we have ever seen during our flights. We look forward to seeing his smile more in future.

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