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Nothing makes one happy when a help is provided when it is most needed. Yes, we at Air India Express, know that better than anyone else. There will be a hundred concerns as one prepare for a flight, especially a long one. Clearing those doubts along with managing and coordinating other finer details of the travel could get confusing, and even frustrating.

That’s why we have kept our Customer Care window open through our Facebook page, where you get responses in real time. More importantly, with real persons taking questions and giving answers.

Consider this. This was one of the questions that landed in our Facebook messenger. It was from a concerned husband whose wife would be 30 week pregnant by the time she takes up the journey from a Gulf nation to one of the airports in Kerala. What he wanted to know was “if (she) need any document to travel in Air India express, kindly send me the format copy of the document.”

Within minutes, he got the reply from our end, which said “Expectant mothers may travel up to (including) 27 weeks of their pregnancy. They will be accepted between 28 and 35 weeks if they are in possession of the attending Obstetrician certificated dated not more than 3 days prior to departure, confirming the stage of their pregnancy and stating that they are fit to fly. Expectant mothers above their 36 weeks will not be allowed to fly on Air India Express.”

He was further informed that there is no particular application form available. All he needed was a ‘Fit to Fly’ certificate from the attending gynaecologist dated not more than three days prior to the travel date.

We are sure that the couple are now proud parents of a beautiful baby and the mother and child are healthy and happy. We do look forward to welcoming the baby back on board when they travel back to Papa. Air India Express family is growing.

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