Stick to your diet plan even while flying!

Express Café offers special diabetes meal for guests

A diabetes meal is nothing but a platter full of healthy food that helps you to have a filling meal without spiking your sugar levels. The meal will be naturally rich in nutrients and low in fat and calories. In short, a diabetes diet is the best eating plan for almost everyone.

People with diabetes or prediabetes often find it difficult to stick to their meal plan while travelling. Sometimes, you may have to compromise on your daily diet plan just because a healthy meal is out of reach. On other occasions, you may not get the meal on time. Both these situations can lead to sugar levels jumping off the limits.

At Air India Express, we take extra effort to ensure that our guests stay healthy and happy throughout the journey. For guests with special dietary requirements, special meals are included in our Express Café a la carte menu.

This includes a diabetes-friendly special meal that not only helps keep your blood glucose level in a safe range but also provides a nutritious way to satisfy your taste buds.

Our diabetes meal platter comprises Chicken Piccata finished in mushroom sauce with buttered vegetables and cut fruits. High in protein, Chicken Piccata is a low-carb diabetic-friendly Italian classic recipe. Mushrooms, due to their low GI and GL levels, are ideal for people with diabetes. To add to the nutritional value of the meal, buttered vegetables and cut fruits are also served.

However, it is always good to consult your doctor before deciding on your meal.

In-flight meals can be pre-booked up to 24 hours before departure. In addition to diabetes meals, our special meal menu includes Jain meals, kids’ meals, and gluten-free meals. Take your pick and let’s know in advance.

Wish you a deliciously healthy journey!

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