Salalah – The Gateway to Oman

Salalah is the gateway to Oman’s most southerly governate of Dhofar – a historically independent and culturally and ecologically unique region. Today Salalah is still known for the cultivation and trade of frankincense (albeit now on a smaller scale), and is famous for its summer khareef (monsoon) and annual Salalah Festival, when visitors flock to the region to escape the blazing hot temperatures elsewhere on the Arabian Peninsula. As lodging and eating establishments outside the city are scarce, it serves as a useful and interesting base for travelers wanting to explore the wider area at any time of year.

Most visitors come to Salalah during July and August to enjoy the annual khareef, when the nearby wadis are full of water. Occasionally streets flood and ocean currents are too strong for swimming or diving. The crowds leave in September along with the rains, but the vegetation is still green, and hotel prices have started to come down. Diving is only possible during the dry season, from October to the end of May, and this is also the optimal time for bird watching. May and especially June are the hottest months of the year, with humidity steadily increasing until the rains bring relief again in late June or early July.

Air India Express will take you to Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, and Kozhikode from Salalah and vice versa.

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