A Genuine Passenger Review

Inflight Review by: Gan Yung Chyan

Rating System

Two Star ** – Poor

Three Star *** – Good

Four Star – ***** – Very good

Five Star ****** – Excellent (the highest category)

Airline: Air India Express B737-800 in Changi Airport, Singapore. .

Aircraft: The B737-800 is the same as Airbus A321. It has spacious legroom. ***

Safety Demonstrations: Adequate. On transit in Tiruchirapalli, passengers bound for Chennai can witness the security checks and cabin cleaning process on-board before the flight take off. It is an educational treat. *****

Inflight Service: In contrast with previous criticisms about its cabin, the cabin is clean and hygienic. Service on international flights is good while service on the domestic flight from Tiruchirapalli to Chennai is better. Air India Express said some Indian passengers may be inconsiderate. They may dirty the toilets.  ***

Postcard / Stationery: There are no aircraft postcards. Only immigration forms are issued. ***

Inflight Magazine: Air India Express has no inflight magazine o-nboard, including Shubh-Yatra, Air India’s Inflight Magazine, and no other forms of inflight entertainment. The only item worth collecting is its safety card. It shows the management name of Air India Charters Limited below the Air India Express logo. ***

Sky Shop: There is no inflight duty-free service onboard all Air India Express’ flights. Therefore the low-cost airline can offer budget fares with free inflight service. *****

On-board Meals and Refreshments: There is only one standard free vegetarian hot meal on-board to my surprise. There are two rounds of free mineral water distribution on international flights and one round of free mineral water distribution on the hour flight from Tiruchirapalli to Chennai.*****

Surcharge:  Passengers do not need to pay a surcharge if they want to sit at the emergency rows.  Air India Express’ fuel surcharge is the highest among low-cost airlines in Changi Airport, at 134 Singapore Dollars while fares at 0 Dollars can be sold for a long time. ***

Bookings: Air India Express’ web-site accepts online Mastercard and VISA payments from the world. Electronic tickets are issued at its official web-site and received via email. There is no PDF itinerary attachment.  Ticket cancellations and changes of flight dates are permitted subject to fees and fare differences. Web-check-in boarding is not provided. Walk-in bookings are done in all downtown branches and agents of the airline. ***

Check-In and Departures: Check-in at Changi Airport Terminal 2. Flights depart on time frequently. ***

Ground service in response to passengers’ requests and enquiries: Good but It takes a long time to communicate with the airline in India to address issues on baggage packing. ***

Overall Impression: Air India Express has improved its service standards to be a three-star airline of India. Children and families considering free meals on flights to Chennai and Tiruchirapalli at budget fares can consider travel with this airline. ***

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