Resilience in the times of change

As part of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which aims to boost the holistic wellness of employees, four webinars were held in September 2022. The first webinar titled “Decisions & Choices” was held on 1st September. The session was aimed at empowering people to make better decisions and choices by understanding our own decision-making style, identifying biases and learning strategies to improve the decision-making style. The second webinar was on preventing suicide through awareness. The session, held on 9th September, talked about creating a workplace filled with hope and support. The webinar on ‘Building Resilience in Times of Change’ was organised on 15th September 2022. The session talked about bouncing back by building emotional resilience, dealing with perceived adverse situations with positive approach, and transforming challenge into an opportunity. The 4th webinar was about ‘anger management’. The session on 29th September 2022 helped participants understand the effects of anger and different styles of expressing anger. It provided strategies and techniques to prevent anger outbursts and discussed ways to express anger constructively.