Planning to fly with us? Here is all you need to know about ticket booking

Senior officers of Air India Express answered some of the Frequently Asked Questions about ticketing in a series of videos

Ticket booking is no rocket science. But for some, the process may be exhausting despite the fact that ticket booking has become simpler and easier with the advancement in technology over the time. All you need to do is to understand the rules.

Senior officers of Commercial Department, Air India Express– Ms. Sreena Nandakumar and Ms. Anjaly Salim–answered some of the Frequently Asked Questions about ticketing in a series of videos which received wide appreciation on social media.

In case you missed out the videos, here are the questions and their answers: 


1. How can you make a booking on Air India Express flight? 

Bookings can be done through our website You can also visit our city offices, reach out to the 24×7 Contact Centre or approach our recognized travel partners for ticket booking. The Air India Express has presence across leading travel agent websites.

2. How does Air India Express classify its passengers?

Air India Express offers three passenger types. Infant, Child and Adult. Infant is a child less than two-year-old. A passenger is considered as a ‘Child’ if she/he is in the age group of 2 to 12 years. Those who are more than 12 years of age are considered ‘Adult’.

When you are booking a ticket for an infant, please note that he/she should be more than 14-days-old during the date of travel.


3. What details are included in an ITR?

An Itinerary Ticket Receipt (ITR) received in your email (if you are booking through our city office you will be getting a hard copy of the ITR), you must check the following things: a) the PNR which is the same as the confirmation number,  b) The sector that you have booked, c) the date of travel, d) departure time, e) arrival time, f) free baggage allowance purchased with your fare and g) ancillaries purchased by you like extra baggage, meal or seats.

4. What are the modes of payment available in the AIE website?

AIE website offers three types of payments: Credit card, debit card and net banking.

5. What should you do if ITR is not received after payment through AIE website?

The first thing you should do is to check your spam folder. If it is not there in the spam folder, you should call our 24×7 Contact Centre, which is always there to help you.


1. Explain Free Baggage Allowance on domestic and international sectors

No matter which fare you are selecting, you will be getting a free baggage allowance attached to it. This varies based on the sector you are travelling, whether it is domestic or international.

If you have booked a domestic flight with AIE, you will be entitled to a free baggage of 25 kg. That is same for adult and child. Infant will get a 10 kg extra free baggage allowance. And if it is international, it will depend upon the fare that you have booked. You can have 20 kg, 30 kg, 40 kg FBA. This is the same for child and adult while an infant gets an additional 10 kg FBA.

In addition to this, you are entitled to a 7 kg hand baggage, plus you can carry a laptop bag.


2. What are the ancillaries offered for sale by AIE?

Meal, baggage and seats. You should book your meals 24 hours before the departure of your flight. while booking baggage, we are offering 5 kg and 10 kg slabs of baggage in the international sectors and for seats, we offer seats at nominal charges in our direct flights.

3. How to make changes to your booking?

You have got different options for this. You can visit our website, get in touch with our city office,  reach out to the 24×7 contact centres or approach the travel agent with whom you have made the bookings. The changes that we permit on the AIE bookings are modification to the date of travel and cancel your ticket.  The changes are to be made at least 12 hours prior to the departure.

If it falls within the 12-hour window, then you will have to wait till the flight departure to claim for cancellation.

4. Is sector change permitted by AIE?

To know about the sector change options that we provide, you need to reach out to our 24×7 Contact Centre if you are within India and visit our city offices if you are abroad to make sector change.

5. What to do if I am a “no-show” on the flight?

In case you have picked up a no-show on the flight, you can claim for refund of the taxes after the departure. You can write to our customer support email ID for the same.

6. How can I book a wheelchair with AIE?

Wheelchairs can be booked on AIE flight if you are a passenger who require special assistance. You can book the wheelchair service which is offered through our city offices and 24×7 Contact Centre.


1. Points to be noted while making a booking

Your name should exactly be the same as that in your passport.
Please share reachable contact number and e-mail ID in your PNR.
You should always keep your PNR as confidential information.

2. A few words about client profile

We have got a client profile in our website which frequent fliers can register to. The benefit of client profile is that you can save your personal information like name, date of birth, contact information in the profile which will be helpful when you are booking through AIE website.

This information will be copied from the client profile whenever you are making a booking. This will ensure that you are entering the information correctly. You can also add the profile of people who are travelling with you frequently as companion.

You can list the bookings that are made through the client profile. This will help you manage these bookings in an easier way.


3. What are the types of fares offered by AIE?

AIE offers three fare types. Express Value, Express Flexi, Express Promo.

The difference between express value and Flexi is that you have to give a modification penalty for Value. This penalty is not applicable to Flexi. The Express Promo is released from time to time during promotions.

4. Does an Air India Express booking carry e-ticket number?

No. Air India Express does not have an e-ticket. What we have is a confirmation number which is called the PNR also. You only need to give out the confirmation number when you are communicating with our team if you are looking to make changes to your bookings. We do not have an e-ticket number.

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