Old Delhi – Yeh Shehar Nahi Mehfil Hai!

A heritage walk in old Delhi will bestow everyone, a nostalgia for lost glory; hunger for authentic food; and wonder at the systematic chaos that is the old city, sometimes combined with a feeling of impending doom! Food is a religion in this city. The narrow gullies of old Delhi have an overwhelming variety of cuisines to offer. The heavenly aroma of food literally liberates the taste buds here. Acclaimed by national and international food guides, the food will never fail to tempt you.

Old Delhi was founded by the Mughal Emperor Shahjahan in 1639 and was known as Shahjahanabad. The area was considered to be one of the most posh areas of those times and was filled with beautiful houses and grand mansions. The main Shahjahanabad Street was designed and built by Jahanara Begum Sahib, Shahjahan’s favourite daughter. A canal ran through the road which reflected the moonlight with all its glory, and is today known as Chandni Chowk. Though the area has become congested and chaotic, it still retains its true traditions, culture and customs from the ancient times.

In this fast-paced life, when one does not get time to even talk to their own family members, people in Old Delhi treat their neighbours with affection and respect, making them a part of their extended families. The culture of joint families which is fast diminishing in the scenario of nuclear ones, it is heartening to see that most of the families in Old Delhi are still living in joint families where kids inherit good manners and receive a pleasant upbringing.

The immense culture of Old Delhi never loses its charm, giving us a window to look into history. The streets are constantly evolving, every hour, every day. You could walk down a street early in the morning to watch the city slowly wake up, and return hours later to blaring car horns and screaming rickshaw drivers under the hot, shining sun.

Air India Express commenced its operations on a new route connecting Delhi and Dhaka with four flights a week on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday & Saturday.

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