Kuwait (Arabic: دولة الكويت‎), officially the State of Kuwait, is a country in Western Asia. The country ranks highly among its regional counterparts in the protection of civil liberties, freedom, and constitutionalism.

Kuwait will bestow a more authentically Arab feel to you with its extraordinary features. At the same time, Kuwait remains an oasis in a land of desert plains and has excellent museums, beaches, and lively restaurants. It all adds up to what could be the Gulf’s most intriguing destination.

Here are the things you don’t want to miss while visiting Kuwait.

  1. The Liberation Tower

It represents Kuwaiti liberation, the sure sign of the country’s resurgence. It is one of tallest telecommunication towers in the world. The tower is 372 meters in height and is 40 meters taller than the Eiffel Tower.

  1. The Kuwait Towers

These are the most famous landmarks of Kuwait. The Kuwait Towers are situated on the Arabian Gulf Street in Dasman, promontory to the east of City Centre. The topmost sphere of the largest tower (187 meters in height), has a revolving observation area and a restaurant with access to high-speed lifts. The middle tower comprises one million gallons of water.

  1. National Museum

The Museum, location in close proximity to the National Assemble, comprises four buildings and a planetarium. Though stripped and burnt by the Iraqi invaders, it houses the Al Sabah collection of Islamic art, the most comprehensive collections in the world.

  1. Failaka Island

This beautiful island has only soldiers as its permanent residents, as it was once left devastated by the Gulf War. However, the visitors get to view the ruins from settlements of the Bronze Age Dilmuns and Hellenistic Greeks, who left many treasures from which, their past could be reconstructed.

  1. Entertainment City

The city is being managed by the KTEC and is located f20kms away from the Kuwait City near Doha, on the northern side of Kuwait Bay. The complex provides a complete range of amusements based on the theme of “Arab World”, “Future World”, and “the International World”.

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