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At times, life can be tedious. You fall into a routine and get bored doing the same thing day in and day out. We get it! You need a break to fall in love with life again. Weekends especially the long ones are an ideal time for a short vacation. If you’re looking for a slightly longer holiday, some planning may be needed. Escape to the most intriguing places in India and abroad as you plan your breaks and weekend getaways. All you’ve to do is relax, unwind, eat great food and enjoy stunning views!

Vacations must be able to provide you that relaxation and rejuvenation which your body and mind needs. It should not be exhausting. With the new normal settling in, travel is no longer what it used to be. There are, of course, new regulations – flexible or stringent – depending upon the destination you are heading to. We need to be mindful of the risks and stay updated about the travel requirements before starting the trip.

What kind of a vacation would you like to have this time? Here are some inspirations for the jetsetter in you.

Stunning Staycations

Staycation is a holiday spent in one’s home country instead of travelling abroad. It is ideal if you do not wish to get lost in arduous sightseeing activities. Staycations are slightly longer than normal holiday breaks and are both pocket friendly and environment friendly.  

Charming City Breaks

Some of the best cities in the world are just a short trip away. City breaks offer a chance to explore exclusive shopping avenues, see famous pieces of art or revisit history in top galleries and museums, experience ultra-modern transport systems, delve into a music scene, enjoy some good time at amusement parks and taste the best food in that part of the world.

Extraordinary Experiential Journeys

Experiential travel is much more of a pleasure trip. It is more fulfilling and leaves a lasting impact on the traveller. An experiential journey makes the traveller immerse himself or herself in a way that leads to some sort of discovery, change in perception, and inspiration.

Flavourful Culinary Adventures  

Cuisine is a true reflection of a country’s culture. It has become an increasing trend for people to travel in pursuit of indulging in unique cuisine in foreign lands. Culinary tourism is for food enthusiasts who love to explore new food destinations. The further you travel the more cuisines you get to enjoy.

Rejuvenating Wellness Getaways

Here, you put your health and well-being at the centre of your travel experience. Wellness destinations assume significance these days as we strive to move towards a healthier lifestyle.  

Riveting Spiritual Trips

Some destinations like the sacred valleys and ancient temples provide you with the unique opportunity of immersing yourself in magical spiritual experiences. At that point, we realize that journeys aren’t just about seeing new places, but also about discovering new ways of seeing both the world and ourselves.

Thrilling Adventure Journeys

This involves travel to remote places where you can expect the unexpected. Adventure tourism helps one to step outside your comfort zone, push your limits, discover your capabilities, and test your endurance.   

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