Monsoon – The Perfect Time to Fly Back Home

Monsoon is often hailed as the most awaited season of all time. The entire life cycle on earth is connected to the monsoons. Thus the coming of the monsoons heralds a message of creation, and the aroma of rain in the air brings us back to life after the scorching and relentless heat of the summer.

Monsoon is the time of vacation for all of those people who are staying abroad or settled abroad. It’s the right time to visit the native land and spend some good time with the family and friends. Be it the misty mountains, the lush, tropical beaches or even the banal city, there’s nothing like a little rain to bring things to life. Traveling in the monsoon in India is a calm and affordable affair. With the waning of peak summer holiday season, crowds and prices at some of the popular tourist destinations in India come down steeply. In fact, the monsoon is an excellent time for planning holidays in India with some very spectacular monsoon destinations in India offering load of activities. Come June and July and the road to Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir and Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh – 2 of the best monsoon destinations in North India – become fully open and functional. Even in South India, hill stations like Kodaikanal, Munnar and Coorg and Ooty replenished by the monsoon, offer mesmerizing views and romantic holiday experience.

It’s the perfect time to fly back home and enjoy the rains. Get your tickets now from Air India Express. We are all set to take care of your monsoon holiday trip. We will fly from 14 International cities to 15 Indian cities.


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