Make your meal time extra special

Guests with special dietary requirements can now pre-book special in-flight meals on Express Café

We know that food can add a whole lot of excitement to every journey. At Air India Express, we are committed to enhancing your culinary experience in the sky with our delicious food and impeccable service.

Our in-flight menu at Express Café is created to suit the special culinary preferences of our guests. The menu now includes special meals for those having special dietary styles and requirements.

Whether you would like a special meal for your little ones or a special dish to meet your nutritional requirements, we have got you covered. Read on to find out what is on offer!

Gluten-free meal

This meal is for customers on a gluten-free diet. Our gluten-free meal includes shish Taouk (chicken) with Grilled Vegetables, Biriyani Rice & Garlic Sauce.

Jain Meal

This is a vegetarian meal prepared in accordance with Jain principles. Penne Arrabiata with Bread Rolls and Chocolate Brownie is offered under this special meal section.

Diabetic Meal

Diabetic meal contains minimal sugar content with an equal balance of proteins, fats, fibre, and complex carbohydrates. Our Diabetic Meal includes Chicken Piccata finished in Mushroom sauce with Buttered Vegetables and Cut Fruits.

Kids Meals

No more struggling with picky eaters on board! Here is a combination that kids are sure to love – Chicken Nuggets with Potato Smileys.

If you would like to enjoy a special in-flight meal, let’s know in advance. Pre-book your in-flight meals up to 24 hours before departure. We will serve your preferred meal at your seat.

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