Know These Rules, Make Your Travel Stress-Free!

The only rule of travel is – make it stress-free and enjoyable as far as possible. But travel, especially air travel, may sometimes feel taxing when guests are not aware of the rules that are there to make their journeys easier and worry-free! Here, we are listing out some of the several rules & requirements that can improve your travel experience and make your journey hassle-free. 

  • Be sure to arrive at the check-in desk before the check-in deadline. The check-in deadline is the time limit specified by an Airline when the guest must complete check-in formalities and receive the boarding pass.
  • Guests may share their personal mobile numbers on which they can be reached. This will help the Airline to send flight updates.
  • While making a payment online, make sure that the name, address and other details entered on the payment page match with that in the bank records.
  • Be ready with the necessary documents when you are waiting in turn for check-in. This will make things easier for you and everyone else waiting in the queue.
  • Any baggage that exceeds the free allowance will be subject to extra baggage charges and can be checked in only if space is available on the aircraft.
  • If you are travelling with an infant (children below the age of two) you can carry 10 kg of baggage free of charge.
  • Power banks/portable mobile chargers are not allowed in checked-in baggage. These are to be carried in the hand baggage.
  • Inform the airline personnel, well in advance, about any condition that may need medical attention on board.
  • The check-in process involves, going to the airline counter, submitting your documents and checked-in baggage and collecting the boarding pass.
  • Your name provided at the time of booking must be the same as in your passport.
  • Arrive early and complete airport formalities on time. Air India Express check-in counters open three hours prior to scheduled departure and close one hour before the scheduled departure.
  • Remain seated with your seatbelts on, even after the aircraft touches down. Unfasten the seatbelt only after the seatbelt sign has been switched off after the aircraft comes to a complete halt.
  • If you are pre-booking in-flight meals from Express Café, book them at least 24 hours before departure.
  • Guests can purchase excess baggage online or through city offices, call centre, and authorized travel agents. Excess baggage could be purchased through the ‘Manage My Booking’ option on up to 12 hours prior to departure. 
  • Preferred seats can be reserved in advance either at the time of booking or later through the website, call centre/city offices or travel agents. Seats can be pre-booked up to 12 hours before departure.
  • If you notice any missing or damaged item in your baggage, it is important to file a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) at the arrival airport. 
  • Air India Express does not offer open-dated tickets for sale: The tickets must be booked on confirm basis with definite dates.
  • Passengers booking through credit cards are required to carry the card or a self-attested copy when they travel.
  • Carry valuable items such as cash, jewellery, documents etc in your hand baggage.
  • Expectant mothers may travel up to 27 weeks of their pregnancy. If they wish to travel between 28 to 35 weeks of pregnancy, a certificate from the attending obstetrician is required. The certificate must be dated not more than 3 days before departure, confirming the stage of their pregnancy and stating that they are fit to fly. Our travel policy strictly restricts travel for expectant mothers above 36 weeks.
  • Group bookings on Air India Express: Seats could be booked for up to nine guests in a single booking, including adults and children. Contact us for group bookings, as the specific terms may vary from time to time.
  • If you require any special services while travelling with us, please call our reservation offices, contact call centre, or inform our airport staff about your requirements.
  • LED TV sets may be carried as part of Free Baggage Allowance but the dimensions should not exceed 43 inches. 
  • Make sure that the passenger name provided while booking is exactly the same as it is in the passport.
  • Guests shall carry a single piece of hand baggage limited to max. dimension of 115 cms (sum of length, breadth and height). A laptop bag carrying a laptop is also allowed.
  • Guests who wish to avail wheelchairs may book it through our 24×7 contact centre or city offices. The facility is provided free of cost at Indian airports. At other airports where the wheelchair facility is subject to additional charges, guests may require to bear the cost of the service.
  • Reservations can be cancelled or modified through the ‘Manage My Booking’ option on our website. If the booking is made through a travel agent, you can get your itinerary changed through the travel agent/website/call centre. Changes to the date and time of travel are permitted up to 12 hours before departure.
  • Web check-in can be done any time from 24 hours to 2 hours before the flight departure under web check-in on
  • If the booking is made through a credit card and the passenger is not the cardholder, then carry a copy of the credit card attested by the cardholder at the time of check-in, carry an authorisation letter of the cardholder, mentioning the passenger’s name, date, and sector of travel. The above documents may be produced if insisted by the authorities at the airport
  • Tickets can be booked with us up to 3 hours before departure through,  travel agents, & call centre. Please note that check-in counters close 60 minutes prior to departure. Booking can also be made through our airport ticketing office or city office until the check-in counter closes.
  • Booking procedure for infants is the same as that for adults. An infant must be booked with an accompanying adult. Newborns could be added to the booking through the call centre or our city/airport office.
  • Travel with the baggage that belongs to you. Do not accept baggage from other people and do not leave your bags unattended.
  • The general terms and conditions and FAQ can be accessed through the below links.



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