It’s raining!

Come June and July, the sky over Kerala will be dark. But as they say, every cloud will have a silver lining. Look up at the monsoon skies of God’s Own Country and there will be the brightest line of luxury. Yes, Air India Express is the single largest airline if you what you count is the number of flights operated from Kerala. Right now, Air India Express operates 162 flights up and down in a week from Kozhikode, 102 flights from Kochi, 64 from Thiruvananthapuram and 46 from Kannur.

Most of these flights aim to the land of deserts in Middle East Asian countries. We bring the message of comforting monsoon clouds to the desert. And we do it in style. Because, during monsoon, we rule the cloud-laden skies of Kerala. There is no airport in Kerala where Air India Express cannot reach. No other airline connects Kerala better to the rest of the world. We take the magic of Kerala monsoon to the world outside. Through Air India Express, people come to know that there is an extra feel when it rains in the verdant land of varied richness.

This is your chance to make this monsoon special. Check out the offers at Air India Express website. We offer only the best of the season. Just don’t let the season pass by. Get drenched in offers, with Air India Express.

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