It’s Hard to Say Bye to Mumbai…

All those people who have been to Mumbai know that it’s hard to say bye to the city. Be it the life, tourists spots, food, mixed culture, climate or be it the never dying spirit of the city or unity, Mumbai is undoubtedly the most loved city in India. Everything in the city has the ability to make the visitors stay back a little more, and explore the place to the core. Mumbai is often hailed as the city that never sleeps.

There’s a reason why people describe the city so. The Nightlife is as exciting as the life under the sun. The city is so alive even in the night with the restaurants, hotels, pubs and other tourist destinations, everything open 24*7, and all those things pretty much make Mumbai, the city that never sleeps.

Mumbai is in many ways the New York City of India, and the many of the locals carry the same kind of chip on their shoulders—despite the madness, they wouldn’t trade it for any other place on Earth. Another thing that will definitely attract the visitors is the food in Mumbai. You don’t need Google to find food in Mumbai, because, it’s everywhere.

There’s plenty to see in Mumbai, but it doesn’t have much in the way of the stationary monuments that London, Paris, Delhi and other major cities possess. The art of experiencing Mumbai lies in eating, shopping, and wandering through the strikingly different neighborhoods and the various markets.  You’d find multi cuisine restaurants, local street foods, the famous Vada Paav points on each junction, and what not. Mumbai is a city that everyone should add to their “Must Visit” list. The city has a lot more surprises for the visitors.

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