Having A Hard Time Planning Your New Year Resolutions? We’ll Help You!

Only one more night to end 2018 and ring in 2019, and the question is, “Have you already made your New Year resolutions list?” Well, don’t freak out! We’ll help you out! Here are some New Year resolutions to everyone who want to live a happy and successful life!

1. Be honest to yourself and to everyone!

Yes, that’s the stairway to a happy life! You may loose some relationships by being honest, but what’s the thrill in living a fake life?! So, be honest, not just to yourself but to everyone you meet. If you like someone, tell that person you like her and if you don’t, tell that as well. What’s stopping you?

2. Live a life without complaining about anything!

Now, that’s hard! We all have been complaining about something, everyday, till date. But let’s not do that anymore. The positivity you will get if you keep going by not complaining about anything for a particular time period, is immense. Try it for 24 hours! Go live the next 24 hours without complaining about yourself, and thank for us later!

3. Create a “Stop Doing” list!

Everyone is busy making a “To-do” list, but we are suggesting you to make a “Stop Doing” list! I will quit smoking, I will control my drinking, or maybe I will stop being a bully, these are some of those things you might want to add to your “Stop Doing” list.

4. Travel once in a year to a place you have never been before!

Travelling is one thing that people plan, but never do always. It’s time you should stop being a master in planning and become a pro in doing. Save some bucks every month till November or December and travel around. Air India Express, the low-cost international airline has announced its Summer Schedule to destinations like Muscat, Singapore, Madurai, Delhi, Mumbai, Ras Al Khaimah, Dammam, Al Ain, Riyadh, Doha and the list goes on. Book your tickets now for affordable rates via www.airindiaexpress.in

5. Family over everything!

Yes, family over everything! Spend some quality time with your parents, take your grandma out for a dinner, play some games with your grandpa, sit with your cousins and make fun of each other, cos at the end of the day, all you got is your family! So, be it an hour or some minutes, spare some time for your family and make them happy!

6. Love, love love!

Love everyone! Spread some love as far as you’re alive in this planet! Help that stranger out, help someone out financially, lend your vehicle to someone in need, be with someone who need some company, because, love is the only thing that gets us all going.

So, that’s it. Go live 2019! Go live a happy life!

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