Happy to assist you! Services for guests who need special assistance

At Air India Express, we make sure that our guests travel peacefully and without any hassles. We are there to assist you at every single step of your journey. Air India Express is always happy to have an opportunity to provide help and care and attend to their special travel requirements. Just let us know in advance so that we see how we can best assist you and be ready to accommodate your needs.

Guests can pre-book wheelchair assistance if needed. This may be done at the time of booking or later through our 24*7 contact centre or our city offices. The facility is provided free of cost by the Airline. However, wheelchair handling charges may be levied by some airports. Please check with the airport authorities about the handling charges before your travel.

Guests who are completely immobile and unable to sit may request an onboard stretcher. The ambulift facility at some airports outside India is chargeable (excluding wheelchair charges) as the same is charged to Air India Express.

If you require any special services while you travel with Air India Express, feel free to call our reservation offices or contact centre and inform them about the special requirement at least 48 hours in advance. They will guide you on the procedure.

To know more about special assistance services, check our FAQ section.

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