Gender justice: Keeping up with one of our key founding principles

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As they stood on the deck of the boat, cruising on the backwaters of Kochi on International Women’s Day, the women employees of Air India Express felt a warmth in the air on their faces. It is not just a feeling, they know, it is an assertion of their fair share of space in their profession.

Air India Express does not just acknowledge the presence of women but entrusts key assignments with women to match one of its founding principles – gender justice. This is what makes Air India Express, India’s first international budget carrier, stand out among its contemporaries.

While India has the largest number of women commercial pilots in the world, it is worth noting that Air India Express has more women pilots than the national average. This is just an indicator of the care that Air India Express is taking to ensure women are given their due representation in the professional sector.

This applies not just to the posting of pilots or cabin crew. Five important departments of the Airline, namely Commercial, Finance, Company Secretariat, Flight Dispatch, and Training, are captained by women professionals.

Right from the beginning, Air India Express has taken a particular interest in breaking the stereotypes and dared to venture out to untrodden paths. That sets one of the youngest Airlines in Indian skies to carve a niche space for itself.

Launched in 2005, with Kochi as its headquarters, Air India Express focused on short and medium-haul international routes, thus providing affordable connectivity to the Middle East and South East Asian countries. Since then, the airline has come a long way.

Now, Air India Express operates 24 Boeing 737-800, which operate to 14 international and 19 domestic destinations. This includes 651 services in a week to different destinations in the Middle East and South East Asia.

Even while striving to become India’s most efficient and preferred LCC on regional and international routes, constantly exceeding passengers’ expectations in terms of quality, affordability, convenience, and comfort, Air India Express is not letting go of its basic tenets – which is to ensure fair and adequate representation for women in their workforce. As the latest figures point out, Air India Express boasts more than 40 percent representation for women in its workforce.

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