Futuristic, extravagant, mystical: Why Dubai continues to amaze travellers!

It is ideal to save some money on airfares so that you can splurge on things that you love the most

Attracting nearly 21 million foreign visitors every year, Dubai is one of the most preferred premier tourist destinations in the world. Crowned with one of the best skylines, this has transformed itself from a desert outpost to a destination du-jour.

Futuristic and traditional at the same time, Dubai is an exceptional example of economic and infrastructure development. It is simply amazing to learn how a barren desert turned out to be what it is today.

The gourmet restaurants, Burj Khalifa, shopping malls, desert safari, giant aquariums and indoor ski slopes make Dubai a perfect family holiday destination. The city is home to a number of record-breakers, from the world’s tallest tower to the busiest international airport.

Dubai is also a cultural centre in the Arab world with big music shows and art festivals attracting thousands of visitors from around the globe every year. Over the last decade, Dubai has seen strong growth within the tourism sector. Majority of the visitors are from India, followed by Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom.

Tourist Visa

Travellers from India will need a Dubai tourist visa, issued by the consulate. It is ideal to save some money on airfares, because once you land there, you may require some freedom to splurge on things you love the most. Earlier in January 2020, UAE unveiled its first multi-entry five-year tourist visa with an aim to promote the Emirates as a major global tourist destination. At present, tourists can visit the UAE with a free multiple entry visa for up to 90 days, from the date of entry.

If you are searching for budget travel options to Dubai, then the best choice would be Air India Express. The airline provides one of the most dynamic and competitive fares in the market.

Air India Express has 80 weekly departures to Dubai, which makes it easier to plan the journey at your convenience.

So what are you waiting for? Add Dubai to your travel bucket list for 2020 right now. Happy journey in advance.

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