Four years of glory

For Air India Express, even sky is not the limit. When we started, we did with a vision. The last four years proved that we were so right in our path. Because, Air India Express has been recording profits – for four consecutive years.

This is not a simple achievement for budget airlines. According to the accounts approved by the Board of Directors of Air India Express, the net profit that we made in 2018-’19 was Rs. 169 crore.

The situation was harsh. We had to fight every inch to reach where we are. And yet, here we are. Raising our revenue by 16.07 per cent. It has gone up from Rs. 3,620 crores in 2017-’18 to Rs. 4,202 crores in 2018-’19. This meant that 4.36 million passengers chose to fly with us this year, as compared to 3.89 million last year – an increase of 12 per cent. We had a passenger load factor of 79.6 per cent, which is an increase of four per cent. The international carriage of Air India Express grew by 10.5 per cent in this period, against the industry average of 5.2 per cent. We are built to fly high.

With people looking up to us, we had no other option but to scale up our performance. As you can see that our average daily aircraft utilisation rose to 13.3 hours, from the 12.7 hours in the last year. We did not just go for a major refurbishment of our cabin interiors, we inducted two more aircrafts on dry lease.

Now, Air India Express is operating with a a fleet of 25 Boeing 737-800 NG aircrafts and connecting 13 international and 20 Indian destinations – three of which were added this year. Air India Express now touches down at Bengaluru, Kannur and Surat too.

Yes, we know. More cities are waiting for our flights to touch down. Be assured, we are on our way.

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