Flying with Children: It should be Exciting, Not Exhausting

Our mission is to take some load off your shoulders, with services that make your journey hassle-free

Flying with the little ones is a nightmare for many parents—but it doesn’t have to be! Whether you’re travelling for the first time with a toddler or futilely trying to control your kids on board, we have solutions for all your concerns.

Our mission is to take some load off your shoulders with services that make your journey, from booking to landing, hassle-free. If you find yourself stuck, high up, in the skies, with a crying or hyperactive child, just let our crew help you. We will ensure that they leave the flight with smiling faces.

Recently, a four-year-old was flying with his family on his birthday, when his father decided to give him a surprise. We decided to make it his most memorable birthday ever, with a lovely cake and birthday gift. One could watch his little face, bright with joy, as he cut the cake with his family.

Another gesture from a cute li’l passenger, recently,  made us realize that Air India Express has fans amongst the little ones too. A 5-year-old drew a beautiful picture of the Air India Express flight when he was travelling with his family. There are no words to describe how happy we felt when he showed us the picture.

Once we happened to receive a special request from a person, asking whether his sister and her six-month-year-old can get assistance at the airport since they were flying for the first time. We left no stones unturned to ensure that the young mother and toddler got special care since they were on their own and there was a slight delay in the flight due to bad weather. They landed without any hiccups and the baby was all smiles even after the long flight from Kozhikode to Doha.

On one another occasion, our crew rushed to the aid of a mother who fell sick on board and was unable to look after her kid. She later wrote an appreciation note for the crew members who managed to keep the child smiling throughout the journey.

At Air India Express, we go that extra mile to ensure that kids are as comfortable as possible. Travelling with children means you have to carry extra accessories and clothes. At Air India Express, infants are entitled to 10 kg baggage, free of charge.

So, the next time you are flying with the naughty ones, fly with us and see the difference.

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