Flavour Your Flight

It’s the aroma that will hit you first. Trust us, your senses will be conquered well before you take the first mouth full of our special menu, designed exclusively for the foodie in you.

Air India Express has redefined the meaning for budget, by adding a dimension of luxury to the way our passengers are treated. Food is one such segment. We just do not compromise on flavour.

To get a taste of what we are talking about, check out https://www.airindiaexpress.in/en/express-cafe and see it yourself. If the spread does not bowl you over, the taste will. Because, each dish is prepared with a pinch of love added to garnish it. Take any of the fifteen special meals designed for you, the care and concern that Air India Express has taken will be evident.

There are three options available for Breakfast, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian variants. You can choose between Tomato Rawa Upma or tear into a homely Parantha or go for the Omelette made just like it is done at home. While the parantha is served along with chicken roast, the omelette is in a much richer company – that of Chicken Sausage Lyonnaise, Potato Wedges, Croissant with a butter chiplet and cut fruits. For the veggies, Upma could appear inviting along with Mini Pepper Vada, Sambar, Tomato chutney and cut fruits.

Dinner aboard Air India Express is much more detailed affair. The choice could even be confusing – whether to go for Chef’s Special Fish Curry (served along with dal, rice, salad, pickle and gulab jamun) or Chef’s Special Chicken Biriyani (garnished with egg and fried onions, raita, pickle and gulab jamun)! Or whether to try Chinese Fried Rice with Cauliflower Manchurian or Chilli Chicken!

Not to mention the any-time meals of Rosemary Chicken or Corn and Spinach burgers, or starters like Chicken Tangri Kebab or Chicken-65 or even fresh fruit cut (which is available only in India-Gulf sector).

And the best part of it is, you need not end up confused after you settle down in the flight. You can browse our in-flight menu in advance and pre-book it. And yes, you will have to wait till the take-off to have them served to you. Because, the aroma is going to hit you before the first bite, remember?

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