After becoming part of TATA Group, we migrated to Google Workspace in July 2022 from the previous communication platform provided by the NIC. All official data and communication tools, such as email, calendar, contacts, folders, files, and permissions, are being moved to Google Workspace.

Celebrating Ethics Week

Tata has always been a values-driven organisation. These values continue to direct the growth and business of Tata companies. The five core Tata values underpinning the way we do business are Integrity, Excellence, Responsibility, Pioneering, & Unity.

All the employees at Air India Express took an oath as part of Ethics Week. A webinar was conducted by TATA Group to mark the week.

Ethics Week was celebrated from 25th to 29th July 2022 as part of JRD Tata’s 118th Birth Anniversary.

Boosting Holistic Wellness

To boost the holistic wellness of each employee, an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is being conducted in partnership with 1to1help.net Pvt Ltd. Five webinars were conducted in July 2022.

The first webinar was on Stress Management and was held on 14th July 2022. The programme covered ways to manage your worries, mindfulness to overcome anxiety, & possibility of normalcy after depression.


The second webinar, held on 21st July 2022, was on moving into work-life integration. The session helped participants understand the concept of work-life integration and also provided steps/techniques to aid the process.

Embracing life’s changes was the topic of the third session held on 28th July 2022. The aim was to help participants understand the impact of change on their lives, discuss unhealthy thinking patterns that affect how one deals with change and offer practical methods to cope with it.

More such sessions are in the pipeline. We hope these sessions help you find balance in your work life and thus move forward with more strength and confidence.


Fly-Safe Simply Safe

The Flight Safety Department has launched a new flight Safety Magazine “FlySafe-Air India Express-Simply Safe”. The maiden edition was launched on 2nd August 2022. The magazine aims to enhance our open reporting safety culture, promote positive & proactive safety culture at an organisational level and provide safety-related information and articles. It can play an important role in further improving the safety culture at the company.

Make way for the Stars


Welcome to Air India Express Family

Capt Anshul Pradhan

Type Rated First Officer

Capt Nihal Rajendra Gudur

Type Rated First Officer

Mr. Subhash Vinayak

Route Manager


Capt Ajit Shankarrao Jagtap

Type Rated First Officer

Capt Gaurav Singh Toor

Type Rated First Officer

Mr. Vinoth Ravi

Route Manager

Capt Gurjeet Singh Thind

Type Rated First Officer


Capt Sahil Singh Kathuria

Type Rated First Officer


Shilpa Satish Solanki

Type Rated First Officer

Capt Kirsten Myron Savio Fernandes

Type Rated First Officer

Capt Nikhil Krishna Bhadrige

Type Rated First Officer

Mr. Vinayak Vivek Chitnis

Manager Technical Instructor


Mr. Ashish Kumar Verma

Deputy Manager OCC


Capt Ankush Gupta

Type Rated First Officer

Capt Sunil Niraj

Type Rated First Officer



A collection of stunning photographs of the world above us from Divya Jyoti Alda, Cabin crew, Delhi.  

A wonderful poem by
Nikita Borana
(Route Manager)


I am Grateful

To the phase of my life

I am not very proud of

But it helped me to be

Who I am today.


I am Grateful

To the road I have travelled

Full of bumps and cracks

But it taught me to go slow

Listen to nature along the way.


I am Grateful

To every person I have met

They were of different type

But in their journey, they

Helped me to find my own light.

Express Your Creative Side


This coffee mug or cap can be yours! All you have to do is to send in your entries for the monthly in-house e-magazine – ‘Expressions’ to socialmedia@airindiaexpress.in.

Enrich the content of the magazine with your original photographs, short videos of any performing arts, paintings, stories, poems or even recipes. You can win cool Air Indian Express merchandise every month! Let’s make ‘Expressions’ more exciting, entertaining and informative with that special touch

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