Earth Looks Up To You!

We all celebrate Earth Day on April 22. But if we go on like this, doing things that we keep doing, the Earth will not be here for long. Neither will there be a day marked for it. We need to do something and do it now to make sure the Earth survives for many Earth Days ahead.
No need to take up big projects or huge demonstrations. Simple gestures of gratitude are all Earth expects from each one of us. Here are some of them.

1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Look at Earth. It never dumps anything as waste. It recycles and reuses the available resources. We too can do it. As a first step, we can check overuse of resource. Or we can Reduce our use and thus reduce the generation of waste. Once we do that, we can think of Reuse whatever waste is generated. Another way is to Recycle things that as far as possible.

2. Volunteer to help

Things begin at home, they say. Extend a hand in your immediate neighbourhood or community to take up cleaning drives. A small group can create wonders. A spark can soon spread across a wide area as a positive message.

3. Be aware

Read and learn more about how to make a difference in preserving out world. Engage those around you in creative and positive discussions on this subject. The more aware we are about our world, the safer and greener it will be for long.

4. Save Water

Nothing could be more precious than a drop of water in near future. So it is not just our duty to preserve water resource, it is one prerequisite for continuation of life on Earth. We must reduce the use of water, which is enough for everyone’s need and not for anyone’s greed.

5. Plant a tree

Trees, just like water, hold life on Earth firmly. They are the natural system to enrich our food system and ensure recycling of life. Indiscriminate deforestation is the main reason for Earth losing out on retaining life. It is now time to reverse the trend. Encourage kids and those around you to plant and nurture more and more trees. The Earth was once more green than it is now. Let’s make it greener and breathe safe.

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