CSR Project: Better School Infrastructure to Improve Learning

Our new CSR initiative is focused on creating better infrastructure facilities for schools, starting from basic amenities, sanitation, & pedagogy.

Numerous studies have revealed that better physical learning environments can enhance students’ performance. Also, emerging pedagogical practices have created new requirements for educational buildings.

Our new CSR initiative is focused on creating better infrastructure facilities for schools, starting with basic amenities, sanitation, and pedagogy, thus helping to improve the quality of education.

Air India Express, in partnership with International Association for Human Values (IAHV), carried out an impressive CSR project, transforming government schools into model schools in Nandurbar District of Maharashtra. Nandurbar is one of the aspirational districts (underprivileged districts identified by NITI Ayog). Around 11,615 villages in the district will indirectly benefit from the school renovation project.

Before the launch of the CSR project, the team visited several schools even in the remotest parts of the district to understand their requirements. After several rounds of meetings with villagers, students, teachers and officials, the project team selected Zila Parishad Schools in Fulsare, Aurangpur, Kolpandhari, Akkalkuwa, Velavad and Vanvyavihir for renovation.

The major objective of the project was to provide a holistic learning environment for children and enhance the learning outcomes by providing an enabling ecosystem.
Teachers were given training on effective pedagogical approaches so that children would not only excel academically but also be equipped with essential skill sets.

As many as 754 students (379 girls and 375 boys), and 27 teachers in these six schools are the direct beneficiaries of the project.

Major interventions made under the CSR initiative include the construction of a new sanitation complex, repairing the roof of two classrooms and a library, providing compound wall and gate for the school, enhancing school premises with paver blocks, painting the classrooms, providing e-Learning software, training of the teachers on the effective pedagogical approach.

Adaption of new teaching methods shall help build the foundation for lifelong learning in students. Thus, these teaching and learning methods shall continue in these schools while also focusing on skill based and activity based learning.

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