Changing Travel Rules: Know How to Get Your Information Right

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There is no exaggeration in saying that the pandemic has made the world a more uncertain place to live in. One of the most affected communities due to this is the international passengers.

Travel rules are changing every day across the globe and mostly the change happens on short notices. Governments are forced to take drastic decisions for the safety of its citizens.

Also, the rules vary from country to country, which makes the situation more complicated.

In today’s digital era, information can be found everywhere. Besides the government departments, airlines, travel agencies and news websites, information on travel requirements and restrictions are disseminated by almost everyone who has access to the internet.

But how reliable and updated the information can be? It is difficult to identify.

Here are some tips:

  • The only and most reliable way to get travel advisory is the online resources of the government authorities of your destination country.
  • It can be the website or official social media handles of the authority of that country.
  • Information provided by airlines, travel agencies and news portals can be your secondary source of information.
  • This means, travel updates from airlines can be checked and relied upon only to some extent.
  • Do not trust random social media posts or forwarded messages on travel rules.
  • Do not forward or post unverified details.

Why is it Important to Check Govt Portals?

There were occasions when the official communication/confirmation about a government’s updated travel advisory reached the airline a few days later than the actual announcement was made on the government’s own website. Hence, the airlines’ website may or may not contain the most recent travel update.

Even though we are trying our best to keep our travel advisory blog updated (, it is always best to refer to the official government portal or their official social media pages before you plan your journey.

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