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Air India Express offers buy-on-board option for all its passengers

What do we do when hunger strikes mid-air? Of course, the pre-booked meals from Express Cafe will be served before you on time. But what if we still feel hungry after having a complete meal. Maybe a little snacking will help to banish that empty stomach feeling.

Air India Express now offers a buy-on-board option for all its passengers. You can purchase your favourite snacks and beverages from the menu available onboard the flight.

Tea or Coffee?

Tea lovers, we’ve got you covered! Tea is available in a variety of flavours including masala, ginger, and cardamom. We also serve green tea and tea with low sugar for our health-conscious guests.
If you can’t think about anything else other than a steaming cup of coffee, do not worry, a cappuccino is on the way.

Ready to Eat

This option includes appetizing traditional south and north Indian dishes which soothe your tummy and help get rid of those hunger pangs. From veg biryani to sambar rice, the menu is as diverse as an Indian thali.


Feels like munching on something? Yes. Here are some yummy snacks for you to satisfy those food cravings in between the meals. Cashews, almonds, peanuts, nachos and whatnot!


Fruit juices are nutritious, refreshing, and satisfying…all at the same time. Mangoes, oranges, or apples…sip on these delicious nature’s treats as you enjoy the flight. For the health aficionado, mixed fruit juice is also on the cards.

Chocolate milk or iced tea? Take your pick

This is not a tough question for chocolate admirers. But for others, it may be a bit puzzling, especially when the iced tea flavours on offer include lemon and peach.

Express Cafe – Experience Fine Dining at 30000 feet

Pre-book your in-flight meal

Food makes travel special, memorable and exceptional. Express Cafe has been designed for making your travel with us a memorable experience.

Air India Express offers a range of delicious in-flight meals for you to choose from. Passengers can pre-book their meal from the a la carte menu 24 hours before departure.

The menu includes tasty breakfast options, lip-smacking starters, and vegetarian and non-vegetarian lunch and dinner dishes among other delicacies.

Pre-book your in-flight meal from Express Café, click here


We currently have one veg and two non-vegetarian breakfast options. Cut fruits are served with all the breakfast dishes.


Our lunch–dinner menu offers a mixed platter of Chinese, Continental and Indian dishes. These are served with delectable accompaniments like cut fruits, salads, brownies, and gulab jamuns.

Any Time Rolls

Have some fun on board with crunchy and healthy rolls. Rosemary chicken with caramelized onion and corn & spinach with cheese both in multi cereal long rolls…hard to say no, right?


Give a spicy start to your culinary journey with us. Have a great snack time on board with chicken Tangri kebab with mint chutney, chicken 65 and chicken nuggets.

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