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Whenever you get into the departure terminal of any international airport, you will always try to kill your time by roaming around all food outlets and take in as many snacks as you can. All those finger licking items like donuts, chicken, burgers, fries, and smoothies are not going to be your best body buddies. If it’s a long flight journey, you’re going to suffer from a bloated, gassy gut and bad nights of sleep. Here are few to avoid, but don’t go overboard.

Easy on the pocket, fast to prepare and fast to chow down and we call them fast food. But they’re not going to settle down fast in your stomach, especially when your body is sitting squashed in the economy-class seat for a long time. Since fast foods are high in carbohydrates, refined sugar, salt, fats, and low in nutritional level, water content and fibre you will suffer from bloated stomach, and clogged digestive system.

In a flight journey, you will usually experience an effect of dehydration. Since alcohol causes dehydration, consuming it will make you triple whammy. If you’re consuming it, it is recommended to drink twice as much water as alcohol.

You don’t need to avoid all the vegetables but some that are high in carbohydrates such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, onions, and beans. Due to a high amount of carbohydrates, these vegetables will not break down in the small intestine. Although they are healthy for a normal diet, in an immobilized state in a cabin pressurized at 8000 feet high, these veggies are recommended. You’ll probably feel bloated and uncomfortable and sometimes you will experience cramps.

You will be running to the toilet all the time if you consume anything with caffeine content. It will also affect your sleep patterns.
at the normal times, graze their way through the departure terminal’s food outlets, gobble whatever comes off the food trolley and suffer the jet lag.
Sweetened drinks are going to make you a gas giant. Most of the fizzy drinks contain a high amount of sugar that may lead to sleeplessness.

For a safe and comfortable journey, it’s better to avoid all the above culinary. To fill your stomach while flying, it is always recommended to take your meal from your respective flights. Air India Express provides you a la carte menu, the pre-booked meal service for all the passengers on the flight with various dishes that are fresh and healthy.

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