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How we used webinars for employee skill development

Across the globe, organizations are trying hard to navigate a challenging time. For employees, it is a time to learn and adapt to the changes. When we at the Air India Express found out that learning can help employees develop resilience in times of crisis, we decided to start a webinar series led by experts from relevant sectors.

The webinar series — Express Engage — is the first-of-its-kind learning and employee skill development programme, which is aimed at preparing our employees for new skill demands and getting them future-ready.

Starting from December 2020, the Airline organized five webinars on varied topics for its employees and also the public. Let’s have a sneak peek at our previous webinars, links of which are shared below.

How the Pandemic changed civil aviation

Express Engage Episode 1

The webinar series took off on 17th December 2020 with Amitabh Khosla-Country Head – India IATA addressing our staff on COVID-19 & the Outlook for the Airline Industry. His talk gave valuable insights into how the Pandemic affected the industry and what changes it is going to bring.

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Design thinking for the new normal

Express Engage Episode 2

Mr. Sunil Sangra, Professor of Strategy, Innovation & Entrepreneurship of Birla Institute of Management Technology, was our speaker the second episode of Express Engage. He talked about how design thinking can help organizations and individuals to adapt to the new normal.

According to him, people are at the centre of design thinking. “The future is going to be non-linear and also exponential. If an organization continue to work linearly, in an environment which is non-linear and exponential, they will struggle to remain relevant to customers and other stakeholders,”says Mr. Sangra.

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The right business model for post COVID-19 market

Express Engage Episode 3

Mr. Dipak Deva, Managing Director of Travel Corporation of India Ltd, as he led the third edition of Express Engage. In a one on one live chat with our CEO Mr. Aloke Singh, he threw light upon the tourism industry in the backdrop of COVID-19 and what type of business models are going to survive in the travel and tourism sectors.

According to him, said that business models like that of Air India Express are made for post-pandemic situations because people would prefer point-to-point, non-stop flights. He also said that the travel and hospitality sector need to jump on to the opportunity called regional tourism.“All countries are standing on the same start button now. Destinations that have a clear strategy will win the post-COVID market,”he noted.

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Create Surprises

Express Engage Episode 4

The fourth episode of Express Engage was our first webinar which was open for the public. The webinar was led by Mr. Bose Krishnamachari, acclaimed Artist, Curator & President of Kochi Biennale Foundation on the topic ‘Kochi-Muziris Biennale on International Travel Map’.

During the talk, he talked about how Kochi Biennale won the attention of the young crowd. “The key lies with the ability of the project or the concept to spring surprises and trigger enthusiasm,” he said. This can be applied for attracting public attention to any new project or idea.

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Mind Your Mind

Express Engage Episode 5

The fifth episode held on 28th April was a virtual workshop on managing stress and anxieties at difficult times by Ajey Vij, Corporate Trainer with the Art of Living Foundation.

According to him, mind has a tendency to cling onto things which are negative. “If you become aware of this one tendency of the mind, you’ll learn to cling on to things which are positive, ” he said. During the session, he shared some breathing techniques that will help people calm down in difficult situations.

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