“All Women Crew” Flights on this “Women’s Day”

It is forsooth a proud fact that forty percentage of the total workforce at Air India Express is women. On this Woman’s Day, 14 Women Pilots and 34 Cabin Crew will operate 9 flights that will fly to different destinations. The women power is one of the assets of Air India Express. They keep inspiring the new generation to listen to their hearts and conquer their dreams. The respected flights originate from Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Kozhikode, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Dubai, Sharjah and Dammam. Women engineers of Air India Express will handle the flights at the respective airports and ground handling activities will also be managed by women employees.

Fourteen Women pilots, Capt. Tanya Anand, Capt. Martina, Capt. Kavita Rajkumar, Capt. Nancy Nayyar, Capt. G.K. Sandhu, Capt. Saloni Rawal, Capt. Kanak Chaturvedi, Capt. Srishti Singh, Capt. Ami Sanghvi, Capt. Masood, Capt. Bindu Sebastian, Capt. Kanchan Telang, Capt. Sakshi Kumar and Capt. Komal Bharati, will be flying to different destinations.

List of All Women Crew Flights:

Date: 07/03/17 Flight No IX 382 – Dammam – Kozhikode, Departure: 02.30 hrs. (Local time)

Date: 08/03/17 Flight No IX 688/681 Chennai – Singapore- Tiruchirappalli Departure: 06.50 hrs.

Date: 08/03/17 Flight No IX 247 Mumbai- Dubai Departure: 13.10 hrs.

Date: 08/03/17 Flight No IX 248 Dubai – Mumbai Departure: 18.00 hrs.

Date: 08/03/17 Flight No IX 537/538 Thiruvananthapuram- Abu Dhabi – Thiruvananthapuram Departure: 18.20 hrs.

Date: 08/03/17 Flight No IX 351 Kozhikode – Sharjah Departure: 11.05 hrs.

Date: 08/03/17 Flight No IX 354 Sharjah – Kozhikode Departure: 14:40 hrs.

Date: 08/03/17 Flight No IX 419/452 Kochi- Abu Dhabi – Kochi Departure: 17:25 hrs.

Date: 08/03/17 Flight No IX 141/142 Delhi – Dubai – Delhi Departure: 08.55 hrs.

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