Airplane Etiquette: 6 Basic Rules to Follow

The long queues at airports that we are seeing nowadays are an indicator of just how much we have begun to love air travel. Though the uptick in the number of air travellers is a good news for the aviation industry, more efforts are needed to make the journey a pleasant experience, not just for you, but for everyone around.

Here are six basic rules of etiquette which we need to follow while flying.

Restrict your cell phone usage

Most of the people would like a quiet journey and some rest before life gets busier after the touchdown. If you really want to talk to someone in your cell phone, keep your volume down. The constant notifications will be annoying for the person seated next to you. So please keep the phone in silent mode. But the best thing is to put your phone in flight mode.  Use headphones if you want to listen to music.

Place your bag above your seat

Try to keep your bag above your seat, so that you don’t take up someone else’s space. Understand that others too need to store their belongings like you do.

Share the armrests

Unlike the passengers in the aisle or window seat, the person stuck in the middle seat has no room to stretch their feet or hands. Be kind and offer both the armrests to them.

Be polite to the crew

These people are well-trained to help you in your journey and are highly-skilled in managing things on board. Learn to respect them and be polite when asking for help. Avoid being too demanding.

Manage your kids

As we mentioned earlier, nobody would like to be disturbed during travel. As a parent, it is your duty to keep your children in check. Teach them about airplane etiquette well before boarding the flight.

Don’t push your way to the exit

Don’t push your way to the exit while deplaning. It will be good if we remain seated until passengers in the front rows walks to the exit.

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