Air India Express@14 – Reloaded!

Will you believe this? Air India Express is completing 14 years! Yes, 14 years. It all seems like yesterday that three flights took to air from three different airports in Kerala, at the same time, marking the presence of a new carrier on Indian skies.

Since then Air India Express has flown over much clouds. Fourteen years is too long for any carrier and we have decided to make the anniversary occasion big. Real big.

You will find a new experience once you step into the Air India Express next time. The whole colour scheme has been changed. The seats have been updated to the most modern ones, with in-seat power facility for those who get a panic attack on seeing their phone batteries drying up. Jokes apart, Air India Express has taken its flying experience to next level for its esteemed supporters. Take a look. You cannot but be impressed. Well, we always choose the best for you.

1. Installation of NEW SEATS

2. SAPPHIRE Blue E-Leather Upholestary

3. SLEEK Look


5. Introduced IN-SEAT POWER


7. Seat Design Gives the feel of MORE LEG SPACE

Well, it’s time for brand-new Air India Express Experience. Come, fly with us. Book your tickets now. Go to 

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