Dubai is a just a flight away!

Dubai has never been this closer to India. The ‘City of Gold’ has got 80 new flights in a week, connecting it to 12 different Indian cities. No wonder, Air India Express is making rapid strides in redefining the flying experience of India.

Dubai has always been a dream destination. A must-visit in the bucket list of any tourist. The city holds another connection with India, besides handling a heavy flow of Indian tourists. Dubai is where a majority of Indian expatriate community has found its dreams fulfilled. For them, Dubai means much more than the golden sunshine glowing over mysteries that deserts hold in their bosom, the lullaby of emerald beaches, the glory of shopper’s paradises and the rich scent of yore wafting from the Emirati barjeels. A lot more. So in all aspects, better and efficient connectivity with Dubai was much desired.

No one realised this better than Air India Express.

The dream journey to Dubai is now within the reach of everyone, with Air India Express, the best low-cost airline service ever, spreading its wings. Dubai, truly, is now just a flight away.

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