Three years from New Delhi! Air India Express is on a high!

We took off for the first time in 2005. Since then, we need to look back. Air India Express has flown since then with the aspirations of the people, providing them with budget pricing towards wonderful destinations. All flights that Air India Express operated had one thing in common, a sense of warmth in the heart of our passengers.

Now, Air India Express has touched a new milestone. We have completed three years of our operation in New Delhi, from where we started operating on May 15, 2016. As in all other sectors, we have created a family of happy flyers from New Delhi too.
New Delhi is where things happen when it comes to the nation. It has to be connected – domestically and internationally. No one understands it better than Air India Express.
That’s why Air India Express operates flights to two major South Indian destinations from New Delhi. Our Delhi-Coimbatore flights cross the entire nation lengthwise thrice every week, while Air India Express from New Delhi touches down at Madurai four days in a week.

In the international sector, Air India Express links New Delhi to Abu Dhabi and Dubai every day at amazingly low ticket rates, which keeps people return to us. Ever since Air India Express launched its operations, with three flights taking off simultaneously from Thiruvananthapuram, Cochin and Kozhikode on April 29, 2005, we have kept a tab on the ticket pricing. The company’s declared objective and vision was to ensure easy, safe and cheap connectivity to the Indian expatriates living in the Gulf and South East Asia. The company owns about 6% market shares in the Indian International Market and about 14% shares in the India – Gulf travel market.
This is just a beginning, so to say. Air India Express is working on adding new destinations to its itinerary and increase its presence known across the world. Things are happening very fast, like an express it should be said, and soon the message of lesser costing, premium air travel will be heard all over.

Keep checking out our website and book our flight to your favourite destination. In the meantime, thank you Delhi flyers. You made our day. Keep supporting us so that we can offer more to you! And we will.
Let’s fly together.

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