Air India Express at Noida Airport 

We joined hands with the Airport team in the ‘Noida International Airport Run’- a marathon held at Noida Greenfield on 8th October 2022. Mr Anil Kumar Jain, Chief of Engineering, Air India Express, felicitated Vishal Prajapati, the winner, who won a surprise gift from Air India Express – A round trip ticket on Delhi – Dubai sector. Air India Express employees – Mahesh Pathak (Station charge), Devinder Singh (Officer flight operations), Jitender Gadodia (Cabin crew Charge), Ravita Ahlawat (Cabin Crew charge), Vishw Miter (First officer), and Zermaan Khan (First Officer) took part in the marathon with hundreds of marathoners donning Air India Express caps. Scroll down for the snapshots of the event.