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Here is how we employed social media to further strengthen our bond with the passengers

Social media is much more than just likes, shares & comments. It is a medium to build an emotional connection with our customers through the effective employment of digital tools. At Air India Express, social platforms work as a major communication channel between the passenger and the Airline.

Since running contests is a great way to increase customer engagement on social media pages, our team came up with different fun-filled online contests to increase awareness about our brand and services. Our social media contests were mostly clubbed with special occasions, festivals & new initiatives and this helped us win more followers. Most of our contests have received tremendous responses and huge backing from the public. Let’s walk you through some of them.

Express Your Onam

Express your Onam contest was run in 2016 in connection with Onam in Kerala. Followers were asked to upload the pictures of Onam celebrations on their Facebook page with the hashtag #AirIndiaExpressOnam. Five winners were rewarded with a free trip abroad! The response to this contest was encouraging and prompted us to launch similar ones in the days ahead.

Monsoon Delight

In a photography contest that was run in 2017, users were asked to click a picture on the theme ‘Life in Gulf’ and post the same. Five winners were awarded a round-trip to any international destination in the Air India Express network.

Propose to Your Valentine

In this contest launched on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, users were asked to pick some keywords from aviation vocab and draft a love note in not more than 70 words to propose to their Valentine. A huge number of responses were received for the contest which was incredibly creative. Surprise gifts were given to the winners.

Save the Date

‘Save the Date’ was an interesting Valentine’s Day Contest that asked participants to take a screenshot from a GIF that continuously flips the dates of a calendar. The screenshot has to be taken when the calendar is exactly on 14th February 2021. Fourteen lucky couples received gifts from Air India Express.

Tamil Punch Dialogue Contest

The Tamil Punch Dialogue Contest was launched to share the excitement of Air India Express starting operations in the Madurai-Delhi sector. The dialogue would connect Air India Express, Madurai & Delhi. The Jury consisted of Poet & Translator RA SH (N. Ravi Shanker) and National award-winning actor Bobby Simha. Two entries were selected and the winners received free round trip tickets on the Delhi Madurai sector.

Madurai Express Quiz Contest

The quiz contest was held as part of the Madurai Express campaign, which was launched ahead of Air India Express starting operations on the Madurai-Singapore sector in September 2019. For 10 days, users were given 10 questions about Singapore. Radio City FM Radio channel broadcasted the daily questions and the winners were shortlisted. A lucky draw was conducted among those who gave the correct answer. Two winners were given couple tickets (round trip) for travel on the Madurai-Singapore sector.

First in Kannur Quiz Contest

This quiz contest was held for 10 days in the run-up to the opening of Kannur International Airport in December 2018. Each day, a question related to Kannur was given for the followers to answer. The ‘First in Kannur’ was coined to connect the contest with the first flight from the airport, which was an Air India Express flight destined for Abu Dhabi. The contest was held in association with CLUB FM. Daily winners were selected each day and were given prizes. Bumper prize was a couple ticket for an international trip.

More exciting contests are on your way. Stay tuned!

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