A Journey through Quintessential India

Air India Express operates direct international flights from 6 North Indian cities

They say if you want to experience India, you need to dive deep into its soul, its culture and history. Decoding the many faces of this incredible country will not be possible without a travel to its heartland.

The landscapes of the Northern parts of India are as fantastically varied as its cultural traditions. Here are six must-visit destinations from this part of the country for your soul-stirring journey.


A city of Nawabs and kebabs, of architecture and history, of literature and art, Lucknow is located on the banks of the river Gomti. Kathak, one the eight classical dance forms of India, originated in Lucknow. Chikankari, a traditional embroidery work is native to the city of Lucknow and was introduced by Mughal empress Nur Jahan. Chikankari or shadow work is the embroidery work done with the white cotton thread on fine white cotton material. Lucknow, which is the capital of Uttar Pradesh, has a magical charm in its rich culture and heritage. Courteous people of the city leave an everlasting impression on its visitors.


Varanasi, the spiritual capital of India, is one of the world’s oldest cities and is situated on the banks of river Ganges. Varanasi is also called Kashi and Banaras. The city is considered as the holiest place for Hindus. Kashi, a site of spiritual luminance, is famous for its ancient temples, heritage, music, literature, art, and craft. The Banaras Hindu University is one of India’s oldest and Asia’s biggest universities. Varanasi is a cherished name in the art of silk weaving. The Banarasi silk sarees and brocades produced here are prized all over the world. The city is also famous for the Banarasi paan.


Jaipur or the Pink City was built by Sawai Jai Singh. The capital city of Rajasthan is also known as the desert capital of India.  Jaipur is a marvellous land of palaces, forts and ancient monuments. The vibrant city of Jaipur draws the attention of travellers with its colourful bazaars and chaotic street life. Jaipur can be called the shoppers’ paradise for its unique handicrafts, jewellery, fabrics, carpets and Jaipuri quilt. Traditional Rajasthani artwork and textiles are famous across the globe. Jaipur Architecture is based on Indian Vastu concepts. One of the major attractions of Jaipur is the step wells, which are known for its geometric perfection. Folklore, puppet shows and camel cart rides are sure to leave a lasting impression in the minds of visitors.


The iconic city of Amritsar, also called Ambarsar, represents the heroic nature of Punjab. Amritsar, the land of the glorious Golden Temple, literally means the ‘Pool of the Nectar of Immortality’. It is one of the major spiritual and cultural centres of the Sikh Religion. The city is an important landmark in the history books, whether as a religious destination, cultural heritage centre, or as an important centre of India’s struggle for independence.

Amritsar witnessed the tragic massacre of Jallianwala Bagh in 1919, one of the major political crimes committed by the British Army during the twentieth century. The monument and the adjoining buildings exhibit the bullet marks on their walls. Wagah is a border town straddling the line between Pakistan and India, 27 km from Amritsar from the Indian side. This is the only crossing point between Pakistan and India that is regularly opened for the visitors.

Amritsar is the food capital of Punjab. Amritsari Kulcha is an authentic Punjabi meal and Lassi is one of the famous drinks in Amritsar.


New Delhi, India’s capital city, is often referred to as “Dilwaalon ki Dilli”. It is a city with a diverse culture and a wide variety of cuisines. Colourful bazaars and the historical sites such as Red Fort, India Gate, Jama Masjid and Humayun’s Tomb attract the travellers across the nation and around the globe. The museums of Delhi showcase the heritage and old age history of the capital of India. Apart from the buildings and monuments, the natural beauty of Delhi lies in the lush green gardens.

The capital of India is also known for its exquisite arts and crafts. The meeting of Hindu and Muslim cultures during the Mughal period, gave birth to a variety of designs and it was during this time, the art of Kundan was introduced to India. Kundan is an art of setting of stones in gold and silver ornaments. The art of ivory carving flourished under the influence of the Mughal princes.


Chandigarh, the first planned city of post-Independent India, derives its name from the temple of “Chandi Mandir”. Union Territory of Chandigarh is the capital of both Punjab and Haryana.  It’s a rich, prosperous, green city referred to as ‘The City Beautiful’, and an example of superb urban planning and new-age architecture. Chandigarh is also known for a unique world-acclaimed Rock Garden with surrealist arrangement of rocks, boulders, broken chinaware, discarded fluorescent tubes, broken and cast away glass bangles, building waste, coal and clay. All these industrial and urban waste materials are juxtaposed to create a dream folk world of palaces, soldiers, monkeys, village life, women and temples. Chandigarh’s rich greenery and architectural heritage leave a signature in the hearts of the travellers.

We connect all 6 cities

Air India Express provides budget travel options to all these six destinations. We connect Dubai with Lucknow, Jaipur, Amritsar and New Delhi. Sharjah is connected to Chandigarh and Varanasi. We also operate New Delhi-Abu Dhabi flights. The capital city is also connected to South Indian cities of Madurai and Coimbatore via AIE.

Given below is the frequency of flights to each of these cities.

  • Lucknow-Dubai: 7 flights/week
  • Jaipur- Dubai: 4 flights/week
  • Amritsar-Dubai:7 flights/week
  • Chandigarh-Sharjah:3 flights/week
  • Varanasi- Sharjah:7 flights/week
  • New Delhi-Dubai:7 flights/week
  • New Delhi-Abu Dhabi: 7 flights/week
  • New Delhi-Madurai:4 flights/week
  • New Delhi-Coimbatore:3 flights/week

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