A Date with Dates

Interesting, isn’t it? These simple looking trees have been around for more than 50 million years. Yes, we are talking about the date palms. They have been providing staple food for people in the Middle East and Indus Valley for the last thousands of years.

Who knew all these, while picking up packets of dates from the supermarket! That too, juicy Arabian dates. Starting from the deserts of Iraq, dates have come a long, long way. Frescos from Pompeii and other places in Italy showed that dates were present during Roman period. Date fronds were used in processions marking the triumph of emperors.

Why are we talking about all these now? Because, a query that landed with our Customer Care recently took up all the way back to Rome and glory of dates. This passenger was travelling to Kerala from Middle East and he wanted to bring home some dates.

He wanted to know how much dates could he carry in hand, other than the allowed 7 kg hand baggage and also, whether there are any limits for carrying dates in Air India Express.

We would have loved to help him bring more of the sweetest memories from his place of work as he returned home, but you know, rules are rules. We told him, “the total weight you should have in your hand baggage should not exceed 7 kg (including duty-free items). You may carry a laptop bag with a laptop in it, in addition to the 7 kg hand baggage.”

Yes, the dates too, if you are carrying in hand baggage, should go within that weight limit. Though this passenger did not contact us after that, we are sure that he might have brought dates to those waiting at home. Because, for those working in the Middle East and spending their time away from loved ones, this simple fruit is more than a diet. It is an emotion. We realise it better than anyone else, as we fly with them. Our wings carry their dreams and aspirations.

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