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We have compiled a checklist that could make every step of your journey smooth and hassle-free during the time of the pandemic.

The way people travel has been changed forever by the pandemic. The travel rules and requirements have changed and have become more stringent. To make travel worry-free, we need to be prepared well in advance. Here are some things that can help.

Get Vaccinated

Receiving vaccination against COVID-19 can make your journey easier and safer. Do not forget to carry your vaccination certificate every time you fly and regularly check if booster doses are made mandatory by the authorities of your destination country.

Know Entry Requirements

Familiarise yourself with the updated entry requirements of your destination. These include general entry requirements like passport and visa and pandemic-related regulations like entry certificates, RT-PCR testing, approvals, immunization, quarantine, etc. Ensure that you are following all the rules and regulations without fail.

Travel documents

Travelling during the pandemic requires us to collect and keep additional travel documents for a smooth passage through the entry gates. The documents include a negative test result, vaccination certificate, self-declaration forms, etc. If you are carrying printed documents, make sure that they have a QR code linked to the original document.

Face mask & other personal protection equipment

Guests travelling with Air India Express are required to wear a face mask on all our flights. Though air inside the cabin is refreshed every 3 minutes and HEPA filters capture 99% airborne particles, wearing a face mask gives you an extra layer of protection. Guests are also advised to use sanitizers to maintain hand hygiene. Use the web check-in facility for contactless travel.

Entry requirements can differ depending on your destination. Obtain information only from reliable sources. Also, be updated about the rules, because requirements are changing occasionally. Check the government website of your destination country for the latest information.

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